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Five reasons to buy a brand new car

Buying a new car is something almost everyone does at some stage. Here’s five reasons to ditch your 20-year-old hatchback or creaky old family van for something safer, more technologically advanced and more reliable.

1. Reliability
When you buy a new car, you can sleep easy knowing that if anything breaks it will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Some manufacturers offer three years, five years, or even up to seven years, with maximum kilometres under the warranty also varying. It’s a weight off your shoulders; instead of worrying about that clunking noise or ignoring the oil drips on your garage floor, just take off and go see the dealer where your vehicle came from. If there’s anything wrong that isn’t from your doing, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Quite often you can even get a courtesy car so your day can continue uninterrupted.

2. Infotainment and technology
The world of tomorrow is here, and don’t you want to be in it? New cars often have touchscreen infotainment controls, pairing up to your Android or Apple phone with ease. Providing music – even digital music from channels such as Pandora, maps, weather and even your car’s current performance. The infotainment also helps keep your passengers entertained and their devices charged up, with multitudes of USB slots around the centre and rear consoles. If you option up to a higher spec vehicle, depending on the make and model, you can usually end up with rear screens to keep the kids occupied on long trips.

3. Better fuel economy and comfort
It’s astounding how thirsty older cars are compared to the fuel-sipping misers sold today. Modern engine technology has improved fuel efficiency by leaps and bounds, while also cutting down on greenhouse emissions. Modern chassis design not only factors in safety, but ride quality and noise, vibrations and harshness as well. After a long journey you will feel less fatigued compared to doing the same trip in an older car. It’s hard to believe that modern cars are more powerful and yet they continue to sip less and less fuel as the years roll by.

4. More affordable than you imagine
With so many finance options available, buying a new car today is easier than ever. There’s various loan styles to every level of income. Our partner, Best Vehicle Loans, can assist you to compare 20-plus lenders to make sure you get a low interest rate loan with excellent terms. Other options include a novated lease or chattel mortgage. This goes for both personal and commercial applications. Repayments for a brand new vehicle start from as little as $60 per week. And we’re not talking so small you won’t fit or compromise on safety; proper five-seat commuter car with a five-star safety rating; vehicles such as Holden Spark, Mazda2 and Kia Picanto.

5. Better Safety
The most important reason to upgrade to a brand new vehicle is safety. If you’ve never seen any ANCAP videos where they compare old cars against new cars, do yourself a favour and watch a few. Every year, car makers strive to get that coveted five-star ANCAP and Euro NCAP safety rating for a good reason; nobody wants to be in a car less safer than others on the road. This rings even truer for people who have to ferry family and friends around often. Coupled with the latest safety features such as lane keeping warnings, anti-collision automated braking, active cruise control and radar guided cruise control, new cars are infinitely safer than its older counterparts. And not to mention vehicles are being built with stronger steel and other materials that works in such a way to deter the impact of a crash away from the cabin. There is nothing more important than vehicle safety.

Thanks for reading our five reasons to buy a brand new car. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle our Best Vehicle Loans team can assist you to get the best finance offer as well as source new cars at a discount rate.

Please feel free to comment below any other reasons you can think of why it’s a good idea to jump out of an old car and into a new one.

Josh Bennis

Josh has worked within the automotive journalism landscape for the best part of a decade. He's driven everything from a 1972 Mazda 808 station wagon to an Aston Martin DBS. Josh's job is to make sure New Vehicle Buyer readers remain informed and entertained on a daily basis.

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