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Five reasons to buy a sports car

With a fantastic range of new sports cars on the market, from budget fun to ridiculously fast, there is model to suit just about everyone. We could go on and list models we think are the best choice, but the real question is why should you buy a sports car? Here’s five reasons why we think it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

1. Life’s better when you own a sports car
Live life a little. Turn driving from a chore to a thrill. The Australian motorist drives an average of 15,000kms per year; that’s enough to drive around Australia and a bit more! A new sports car will make every drive a journey to savour, each trip memorable and special, and you might just go places you may never have gone before. It’s amazing how something made from metal (and other materials) can make you want to go out and explore the world. No sports car should sit in your garage on a Sunday.

2. Style – nothing wrong with feeling and looking cool
The looks. Not just the looks from motorists who know you’re tooling around in something special, but the ones you give your own sports car when you park, get out, and lock up. The curvaceous body, the hunkered down stance, the wide, massive wheels that seemed carved from a solid hunk of metal; these are the aesthetics that make owning a sports car a pleasure. Who hates driving around in automotive art, anyway? A person who has a heart of stone, that’s who.

3. Modern sports cars are nothing like those from the past
A long time ago, you’d need to own two cars to fully enjoy a sports car. A sports car would only seat two, guzzle fuel, and have just enough room for a golf bag in the trunk. It will also cost you a lot of money. Lots and lots of money. And then break down a lot. Fortunately, most of these annoying ‘features’ have been wiped out by most car makers. From the affordable Toyota 86 to a Porsche 911, they have been made extremely reliable, spacious, and more practical than ever. You’ll find that jumping from a normal sedan to a sports car isn’t actually that impractical. You just have to leave the kids/annoying co-workers/freeloading friends behind.

4. Performance thrills
Speeding is a no no, but usefully accessing the meaty torque curve or blistering quick acceleration to the limit is all within the rules (provided you’re driving in a safe, orderly manner). Performance, whether around corners or in a straight line, is a key sports car characteristic. Whether it’s taking winding roads like you’re on rails, or feeling that massive push back in the seat when you thump the throttle, the sports car has you covered. It’s like your own personal roller coaster. Track days are somewhere you can stretch your sports car’s legs – send us an email if you’re keen to attend a track day in your sports car and we’ll help guide you to what will best suit your needs given your location and vehicle make and model.

5. It’s more than just car ownership
When you buy a sports car, something happens. You gain automatic entry into the car enthusiast community. You start thinking about things like ‘what’s the best way to keep my car clean’, or ‘how can I make it look better’. With a sports car, you start caring for your vehicle more, giving it attention and love that you’d never, ever lavish on a Toyota Camry. Then, you’ll meet like-minded people and friends you would never have met had you not had owned a sports car – it’s not hard in this age of social media. Soon enough you’ll be joining a car club and attending car events. A whole new life as a car enthusiast beckons.

Josh Bennis

Josh has worked within the automotive journalism landscape for the best part of a decade. He's driven everything from a 1972 Mazda 808 station wagon to an Aston Martin DBS. Josh's job is to make sure New Vehicle Buyer readers remain informed and entertained on a daily basis.

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